What is a Conscious Living Landscape?

An Outdoor Living Space:

The architecture of delight, tranquility and well-being

Welcome to Ketti Kupper Concious Living Landscapes
A healthier life through landscape connectivity.

Los Angeles Based Landscape Design Services~
Sustainable, Eco Friendly & Restorative Outdoor Living Environments

WHO WE ARE  A landscape and environmental design firm establish in 2003 as Ketti Kupper Art + Design Inc. employing cross-disciplinary design thinking as a method to achieve innovation and creativity. We are expanding the definition of landscape design and its purpose in our lives.

WHAT WE DO  We design and build landscapes, interiors, courtyards, meditation & healing gardens, experiential & playscape gardens, outdoor living areas, and exterior environments for Residential, Corporate, Health Care, Retreat, Resort, Office Park, Educational, Institutional and Public Spaces.

Ketti is a featured HGTV designer with years of experience creating architectural projects specifically designed to restore wellness and balance for the environment, and people in the environment. The eco friendly options developed by our team of designers and architects employ a sustainable design process that includes healthy rejuvenation of the soil and organic and edible garden choices. Our sustainable designs can bring a sense of abundance and a lush environment, even with low-water plants by the use of creative plant combinations, attention to micro climate conditions, and the experiential, playscape and land art components that we weave into the landscape.

Garden refurbishing, container gardens and interior landscapes are available for clients in the greater Los Angeles area. Landscape design, consulting and planning is available locally and long distance. Some long distance projects can even be built and installed with the assistance of our companion service providers.

We are interested in projects throughout the United States and abroad.

Our cost effective services and eco friendly options provide residential, commercial and public gardens with exceptional value at reasonable prices.

WELLNESS & BALANCE  A life without landscape experiences is a life without balance. And time spent in outdoor play is a vital component of healing and well-being for people of all ages. We created “The Nature of Play” garden with Monrovia plants at the Los Angeles County Arboretum.

“The Nature of Play” Garden

Children innately explore nature and learn by play. This wonderful characteristic needn’t be lost after we become adults! A playscape can be a multi-age appropriate place to bring us all back to nature and a sense of joy.

Our garden includes places for a new perspective, wild life habitats to observe, poetry and art to stimulate thinking, and paths to imagination and wonder.

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